Automatically Focus on Amazon's Search Bar


Whenever I visit Amazon’s homepage, I do so hoping to search for things. I’m not one to browse around and I’m sure many others are the same. However, I get annoyed each time this happens because the search bar does not have the focus when you visit the homepage. After coming across a comment on Hacker News describing the same problem, I realized I could fix this with a pretty simple Chrome extension. Check it out here and read on for a short description of how I put it together.

About one or two years back, I was interested in making extensions for Chrome, but never went very far with it. However, the brief foray meant that yesterday, I knew the basics I would need to make the extension. The most important part of this is the manifest, which describes your extension, lists the permissions it needs, files it contains, and so forth.

The manifest for this app was really simple:

    "manifest_version": 2,
    "name": "Amazon Search AutoFocus",
    "description": "Automatically focus on search bar when visiting Amazon",
    "version": "1",
    "permissions": [
    "content_scripts": [
            "matches": ["http://*"],
            "js": ["script.js"]

Most of this is pretty obvious. The documentation on the manifest_version indicates that version 1 is deprecate. The version indicated lets Google manage the extension among users. This number will be used to determine if a user is on an older version of the extension and it needs to be updated.

Permissions are bit complicated, as they can include whether the extension can operate on tabs or windows, have access to sites, etc. For this really simple app, I only need to indicate that I want access to the amazon sites.

Finally, the hardest part of it all was figuring out how to get some javascript to run when I visited Amazon’s homepage. Using some Google-foo, I discovered that Content Scripts are the way to do this. As the documentation says, content scripts run in the context of web pages. This means the javascript file specified above (script.js) will be run when Amazon loads. This is exactly what I wanted!

So finally I just needed to write the javascript. It turned out to be dead simple. Here’s the only line needed:


I briefly examined Amazon’s search box using the Chrome developer tools and I saw that the ID of the search box was twotabsearchtextbox. So I used some native javascript functions to set the focus and it was done!

Hopefully this helps if you want to write your own Chrome extension! If I make any changes or improvements to this, the updated code will be on Bitbucket for your viewing pleasure.